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Advanced LED technology and a streamlined design make Autocall TrueAlert ES LED appliances smaller, more energy efficient, and less obtrusive. They also meet NFPA 72 2016 edition notification appliance pulse width requirements and are UL Listed for synchronization with other Autocall TrueAlert ES addressable appliances with Xenon strobes.

With a decreased footprint and a lower profile, TrueAlert LED appliances blend into the environment and are only noticed when they need to be — in an emergency. Because they are part of the TrueAlert ES family of addressable appliances, they feature revolutionary self-test capability that helps reduce testing costs and ensure systems stay in top working order.

Includes TrueAlert ES functionality: TrueAlert ES addressable technology allows for t-tapping, more flexible system design and easier installation.
Offers revolutionary self-test capability: Streamlines maintenance, testing, and reporting.
Comes in a smaller, more appealing design: A lower profile and sleek contoured design helps the appliances blend into a facility’s environment.
Increases efficiency: Advanced LED technology decreases power consumption so you can connect more appliances to each power supply on your system.
Includes agency approvals from UL, ULC, FM, CSFM and MEA (NYC).

Autocall TrueAlert ES appliances are the industry’s most advanced line of intelligent, fully addressable notification products. Constant electronic supervision of each notification appliance and revolutionary self-testing capability help ensure that appliances will work when needed and enable building owners to avoid tedious and potentially expensive after-hours manual testing.

Delivers better protection: Each appliance has the intelligence to report its location and status to the Autocall fire alarm control panel, improving protection and giving facility managers and system operators the confidence of knowing all their notification appliances are ready to perform in an emergency.
Minimizes disruption to business operations with appliance self-testing: Built-in light and sound sensors enable the fire alarm control panel to detect the operation of the strobe and sounder and confirm whether the device tested properly. This means testing can be performed at any time, without disrupting building occupants and operations—it can even be scheduled to take place automatically.
Provides greater design and expansion flexibility: Flexible wiring architecture allows system designers to go further with less wire and face fewer design roadblocks. TrueAlert ES systems are also highly scalable, so they can grow and expand as buildings change and life-safety needs evolve.
Allows faster, easier, lower-cost installation: Addressable technology and a flexible wiring scheme make it possible to significantly cut installation time and cost. In many cases, TrueAlert ES appliances can be installed with smaller gauge, unshielded wiring, and the forgiving wiring architecture helps avoid mistakes during installation.
Provides stronger documentation and reporting capabilities: Appliance information and test history are stored and can be easily retrieved from an Autocall ES panel to generate reports for compliance officials.

Clear Audio and Clear Advantages


TrueAlert ES addressable speakers provide higher-quality audio output, improved aesthetics and sophisticated emergency message delivery, taking notification to a higher level of capability, safety and value for architects, engineers, installing contractors, building owners and facility managers.





  • Targeted audio messaging for enhanced emergency response: You can program TrueAlert ES speakers to deliver different audio messages to targeted areas within a building. Each audio unit has its own address on the fire alarm system and is supervised by an Autocall ES fire alarm panel. This means the fire alarm panel can be programmed to select which speakers are to be used and what message will be played in that area during an emergency.
  • Appliance self-testing: The self-test process takes just seconds to complete, and can be initiated manually or programmed via the fire alarm control panel to run automatically at a convenient time.
  • Improved aesthetics: TrueAlert ES speakers are available in red, white and black and feature a sleek, streamlined look that blends well with any building or facility decor.
  • Improved audibility and intelligibility: In an emergency, TrueAlert speakers help ensure that building occupants receive critical guidance through pre-recorded messages, tones or live messaging. Their high-quality audio output also enables the speakers to be used for standard daily functions, such as non-emergency paging and background music.

A wide range of Autocall conventional notification appliances are available for fire alarm and emergency communications system applications. Products include horns, strobes, horn-strobes, speakers, speaker-strobes, chimes, chime-strobes, multi-tone horns, multi-tone horn-strobes, and mini-horns that can be used for both legacy and new installations.





  • Includes a wide selection of devices: You can explore a variety of wall and ceiling mount appliances to find the Autocall product that’s right for your application.
  • Provides strobe synchronization: Autocall systems feature advanced technology that synchronizes the flashing of your visible notification appliances to comply with Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.
  • Supports quick, convenient installation: Appliance housings are rugged, one-piece assemblies that mount to single gang, double gang, or 4” square standard electrical boxes. Appliance covers are impact and vandal resistant and can be quickly removed.
  • Features agency approvals: Autocall appliances carry UL, ULC, FM, CSFM, and MEA (NYC) approvals.

Getting the Word Out in an Emergency


You can choose from a wide array of Autocall conventional speakers to alert building occupants in the event of an emergency. They can also be used to play announcements and music. Speakers come in a variety of sizes and wall or ceiling mount configurations.





  • Supports quick, convenient installation: Appliance housings are rugged, one-piece assemblies that mount to single gang, double gang or four-inch square standard electrical boxes. Appliance covers are impact and vandal resistant and can be quickly removed.
  • Features agency approvals: Autocall speakers carry UL, ULC, FM, CSFM and MEA (NYC) approvals.

he Autocall TrueAlert Text Messaging Appliance LED display is a textual notification appliance designed to improve communications and life safety when used in conjunction with standard horns, strobes and speakers.

Improved communication and life safety
Effectively informs occupants during an emergency situation, particularly in areas with high noise levels or poor acoustics and where audio intelligibility is poor, such as manufacturing plants, airports and train stations
Provides critical information for the hearing-impaired population
Flexible use: can function as a custom messaging appliance in the absence of an alarm condition
Powered and supervised by the fire alarm system
UL Listed: The TrueAlert Text Messaging Appliance has a UL Listing for fire

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