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The Autocall 4100ES is designed to handle complex facility requirements with ease. It brings fully addressable technology for both initiating and notification circuits and scalable design flexibility to medium and large facilities and multi-building campus networks. Supporting up to 2,500 addressable points, the 4100ES is networkable, offers system-wide voice notification/audio capability that is UL 2572 listed for Emergency Communications purposes, and is listed for multi-hazard suppression release control. An optional InfoAlarm large-screen display provides additional information and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Advanced technology makes everyone’s job easier – from contractors to facility managers and building owners – with improved installation and serviceability that can reduce costs and save time.
Networkable, scalable, flexible, and efficient design.
Supports addressable notification and speakers.

The Autocall 4010ES fire alarm system is a highly flexible and powerful 1,000-point addressable analog system for small- to mid-sized facilities. Points can be used in any combination of sensors, modules, manual stations or control points as needed to meet the requirements of each building.

The 4010ES supports labor-saving features and tools for installation and commissioning, such as device-level ground fault isolation and the handheld TrueStart meter, which can troubleshoot detection and notification loops to help ensure there are no grounds, shorts, opens, duplicate device addresses or cross talk issues before the panel is brought on site or powered up. Almost dirty smoke sensor status reports and self-testing for notification appliances allow for proactive maintenance to be scheduled simultaneously to help eliminate unwanted nuisance alarms for owners and end-users.

Addressable control panel for mid-range applications.
Efficient operation and flexible design.
Networkable with 4007ES and 4100ES control panels.
Compatible with TrueAlarm sensors and TrueAlert ES addressable notification appliances.

The Autocall 4007ES panel brings addressability and advanced Autocall performance to smaller facilities. We’ve packed a host of value-added features—like networking, multi-hazard suppression release, building system integration, addressable notification technology, and a color touchscreen display—into a compact, cost-effective package.

The perfect fire alarm system for small to mid-sized buildings (up to 250 points).
Can be networked with other Autocall fire alarm panels and graphical workstations.
Agency-Listed for multi-hazard suppression release applications.
Computer port protocol support enables integration with other building systems.
4.3 in. (10.9 cm) color touchscreen for easy, intuitive operation
Flexible wiring infrastructure makes upgrading and expanding systems easier and more cost-effective.
Convenient USB port simplifies the transfer of panel information and programming.
Programmable End of Line Resistor configuration means it’s easier to retrofit existing systems and eliminates the need to find and replace installed resistors.
Built-in addressable notification capability provides unobtrusive self-testing, programmable candela settings and per point identification of all alarm and fault conditions.

With a streamlined design, small footprint, and excellent flexibility, the Autocall 4007ES is a powerful solution for a wide variety of projects including: primary or secondary schools, small to mid-size office buildings, libraries, retail shops, small healthcare facilities, small buildings on a campus, and small multi-tenant residential facilities.

Autocall 4006 Series conventional fire alarm control panels are ideal for smaller facilities that require from five to ten initiating device circuits and four notification appliance circuits. The panel includes a built-in DACT for easy connection to central station monitoring, a 2×20 character display, and multi-function keypad.

Central station ready: A built-in DACT makes it easy to connect the 4006 to a central monitoring facility.
Flexible programming: The 4006 can be programmed from either the front panel keypad or a service PC.
Automatic programming: In start-up mode, the 4006 can automatically find all connected devices and incorporate them in a general alarm program, reducing installation time and labor.

The Autocall 4004R conventional fire alarm control panel is designed specifically for suppression release operation. It enables you to select and program a variety of releasing sequences directly from the panel without the need for an off-line programming tool. Its two-hazard releasing system can be programmed to provide an agent release for one hazard and pre-action or deluge for the other, giving a high degree of flexibility and protection.

Features include: four initiating device circuits (IDCs); two notification appliance circuits (NACs); two releasing appliance circuits (RACs); two special purpose monitor inputs (SPMs) that accept manual release request and manual abort request for Agent Release systems, and waterflow and supervisory for Pre-action or Deluge systems.
Panel supports four release modes.
A 50-point historical log allows you to investigate the cause of a release after the event.

System enables flexible programming from the front panel or from a PC.

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